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What is Automated Youtube Channels?

Over the past few years, we have been studying the power of building a Youtube Channel with a TON of followers! We create voiceovers with AI and sting together stock footage on popular topics. The point of this is to gain a mass amount of followers so you can obtain the following:

1. Get paid from Adsense when you get a bunch of watch time. 

2. Get paid from sponsorships.

3. Use the channel as a way to promote your other niche offers and affiliate links.

Our teams will select the niche that is trending, create the videos, tags, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, and upload the content to your channel. Then we manage the channel on a daily basis until you have a successful channel. 

This is a perfect automated stream of income that you can start with little start-up capital and build a big brand over time.

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