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University Professor

Welcome To BlueWave University
Your edge in a competitive world.

BlueWave University is the first of its kind. We are a free education platform that focuses on building up people. AT BWU our mission is to give back to communities on a global scale by creating equality that spawns from knowledge. We give out various free and paid "University style" classes on Real Estate Arbitrage, eCommerce Arbitrage, Business, Motivation, and many other topics that traditional schools don't teach. 

I opened BlueWave as a way to give back to communities on a global scale as your investment in knowledge will always pay the best interest.

Vincent Trefethen, Managing Member


BlueWave is dedicated to helping people like you achieve their dreams

Careers At BlueWave

When you have completed courses with BlueWave it gives you a chance to work from home with us.

BlueWave Foundation

By studying at BlueWave University you will have an extraordinary foundation of knowledge to build from.

Community Support

We'll be with you every step of the way here at BlueWave with our private Facebook Groups and Chats. 

Online Warehouse Worker

By Enrolling In BlueWave Today You Will Get Access To:

Business Structure 101

Advanced Business & Taxes 102 

Ecommerce Knowledge Bank

Real Estate Knowledge Bank

YouTube Knowledge Bank

Mindset 101

Mindset Mastery 102

Our Turn-Key Affiliate System & Marketing Teams

Sign Up Today

by clicking the button below you will be brought to the signup page to make your account. Once you have an account made you will be approved by an Admin in 24 hours. Welcome to BlueWave!

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